New technologies arise daily, and one in particular has caught the eyes of Dr. Jayanth Sundar Sampath overseas in India. BIMRA, Bangalore Institute of Movement Research & Analysis, has recently adapted the technique used primarily in the West (USA) to diagnose the exact point of orthopedic problem among patients with 3D Gait Analysis.

What is Gait Analysis? 

  • systematic study of human motion by instrumentation for measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of muscles
  • used to assess, plan, & treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk.

The 3D Gait Analysis technique is considered to help children with cerebral palsy and improve diagnosis in sports medicine. Dr. Sampath believes this generation of gait analysis will better pin-point the problem areas for people affected by conditions straining their ability of movement-walking and muscle activity.

Only opened in India for a few months, Dr. Sampath plans to conduct a training program by inviting near to 100 orthopedic surgeons to engage and conspire this new technological rise. Dr. Sampath’s main motive is to highlight the essential need for future orthopedic surgeons to assimilate every function the 3D gait analysis it can perform.

How is 3D Gait Analysis conducted? 

  1. Lab is set up with 6 infra-red cameras, all individually installed on all sides of the room
  2. Next, the patient will have various stickers marked around the pivotal points on body to better generate human body and muscle movement.
  3. The patient will walk across the room as the stickers capture each movement.
  4. Images are then transmitted to a computer to finalize lab report.
  5. Movements related to bones studied to capture most accurate measurements of human movement and muscle activity
  6. Infra-red cameras don’t see patient, only movements captured by markers.
  7. Athletes go through the same process, but run on treadmill rather than walk across room.

This 3D technological advance in the podiatry world has also be used in 3D Hollywood movies and video games typically to make a 3D skeleton.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us!

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