Athlete’s foot, or tinea pedis, is a fungal infection of the foot that can cause flaking, a burning sensation, or itchy bumps. This fungus is typically transmitted in moist areas where people walk barefoot such as showers or by the pool. Although this fungus is found on the foot, it can spread to other parts of the body. Keeping your feet clean and dry will prevent the growth of the fungus.Wearing shoes while in public places will also keep your feet safe.

  • Twice daily application of anti-fungal creams and powders fight to kill the fungus
  • The fungus thrives in moist environments so keeping your feet clean and dry wont give the fungus a place to live
  • After washing your feet, dry them with a paper towel and throw it away to keep the fungus from spreading to other parts of your body
  • Even after the itching goes away, the fungus is still alive and well. Make sure to keep up with the anti-fungal cream for a few weeks after you cant see it anymore.
  • If the anti-fungal creams are not working, you need to see a podiatrist for either a more potent cream or an oral anti-fungal medication.
  • Do not scratch your foot no matter how much it itches. The fungus spreads very easily and will spread if the sores are opened.
  • A good home remedy is soaking your foot in a vinegar/ water solution. (1 parts vinegar to 3 parts water). Soak each foot in the solution for 20 minutes and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.
  • Change your socks frequently especially after exercising
If you have been suffering with athlete’s foot and need to see a podiatrist, please come see at Carmel Foot Specialists located in Charlotte, NC.
Have A Happy Feet Day!

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