Why Your Balance Is Something You Can’t Afford to Lose

Most of us take our sense of balance for granted—until we lose it, that is.

The ability to sense where you are in space, move gracefully, and stay on your feet as you go about your day isn’t a given. It’s a skill that you develop […]

Healthy Eating for Healthy Feet

If you like cooking your own food, nothing beats a weekly trip down to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

Admittedly, Saturday mornings can get a little crazy. But despite the rush, there’s no substitute for fresh, farm-to-table meats and veggies. The food just plain tastes better, […]

Fixing Foot Pain (So You Can Get Back on the Links)

Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a lifelong duffer, there’s plenty to satisfy your craving for the links in and around Charlotte!

Granted, most of us don’t exactly the spare change lying around to get into any of the “big four” country clubs—Charlotte, Carmel, Myers Park, […]

8 Options for Family Fun in Charlotte

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and the last day of school just a few weeks after that. So if the fact that temps have been in the 80s and 90s all month hasn’t already convinced you, we’ll make it official: summer’s here.

Of course, […]

Top Tips to Keep You Running (and Even Enjoy It!)

There’s no shortage of runners in Charlotte. Station yourself somewhere along the Booty Loop on a pleasant afternoon, and it won’t take you long to realize it.

Are you one of them? Would you like to be?

That’s great news! We love running and want to encourage […]

Best Day Trips Around Charlotte

We’ll admit it—we’re a little spoiled living here in Charlotte. There’s a reason (or rather, many of them) that U.S. News and World ranked us the No. 14 best place to live in the United States! Beautiful neighborhoods, world class shopping and dining, four distinct […]

Too Young for Heel Pain: Getting Kids Back on Their Feet

They grow up so fast!

One minute, you’re holding your newborn child in your arms for the first time. Blink, and they’re learning to walk, talk, and maybe even throw a little sass your way. Blink again, they’re off to college. Maybe you might want to […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Plantar Warts

Buckle up, because today we’ll be covering just about everything you ever wanted to know about warts—and probably some stuff you didn’t want to know, too! (At least not until they appear on you or a loved one, anyway.)

There’s a lot of confusion out there […]

Ingrown Toenails, Part 2: Getting Rid of Them for Good

This is part 2 of our 2-part series on ingrown toenails. Go back and check out part 1 if you missed it!

Last week we took a long, hard look at some of the most common causes of ingrown toenails. We covered a lot of ground! […]

Ingrown Toenails, Part 1: Where On Earth Did They Come From?

This is part 1 of our 2-part series on ingrown toenails. Check back next week for part 2!

Ugh, ingrown toenails! They throb and swell with pain. They’re so tender that they can make just putting on a pair of socks an exercise in human misery. […]