NFL Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning & Safety of Ankle Injury

Denver Broncos Week 10 game against San Diego Chargers left quarterback Peyton Manning injured with a high ankle sprain causing a tear of ligaments that connect the fibula and tibia. The sprain is caused by the lower leg and foot have a sudden twisting […]

Bobcats Update, PRP to the Rescue!


The Charlotte Observer reported that Bobcats guard Ben Gordon was back at practice Tuesday after spending the weekend in Phoenix getting a “maintenance” procedure done to his right knee. Though it isn’t his first time, Gordon states that PRP Therapy helps many athletes feel better […]

Posh to Passé: High Price to Pay for High Fashion

Victoria Beckham, formally known as Posh Spice of the International Pop Band- The Spice Girls, has announced that she will soon be trading in her skyrocket heels for protective flats in the British Entertainment Journal Xpose. Not only is she seen as the fashion […]

Footy Problems with Diabetes!

Recently, Tom Hanks revealed he is battling Type 2 Diabetes. USA Today has reported Hanks initial reaction when sitting down with Late Night Talk Show host David Letterman. Hanks mentioned through the interview that like him, there are millions of others that […]

Heel Pain is NO Fun!

Jerry Seinfeld, most famously known for his comedic performance on the nine-season NBC sitcom, also dealt with a not so funny heel pain through most of his career. On April 23, 2013, Seinfeld visited the New York College of Podiatric Medicine to recognize Dr. Joseph […]

Fit Feet Are In!

An article in the Wall Street Journal challenges an interesting question, “Are your feet healthy?” When people think of staying fit, we often don’t consider the physical health of our feet. Conditions like shoulder, back and neck pain often stem from neglecting the support of […]

Plantar Fasciitis Brings Down Top Athletes

With the advent of the NFL season and the mid-season of baseball still upon us, this time of the year is a prime time for injury. The most common overuse injury that occurs in NFL preseason and MLB midseason, is Plantar Fasciitis. With epidemic proportions, […]

NFL Preseason Injuries: Achilles Tendon Tears

The preseason of NFL football is always muddled with a wide variety of injuries. Most injuries stem from a drastic increase in activity within a short period of time. A good amount of injuries found in the NFL preseason are foot and ankle related.  These […]

Get Beach Ready Feet!

Dr.’s Remedy Antifungal Nail PolishBathing suit, Check! Sunscreen, Check! Antifungal nail polish, Check!For a safe and worry free summer, take the necessary steps to assure you stay fungus free. Our favorite activities in the summer heat means that your feet are trapped in a sweaty, […]

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are used as a non-surgical method to treat pain in torn tendons, muscles, ligaments, and arthritic pain in joints.In the ankle, the most common injuries treated by PRP injections are non-healing tendon injuries such as Achilles Tendinitis, Arthritic conditions, Plantar […]

Laser Treatment for Clear Nails

Just as laser pointers are the bane of every cat’s existence, the CoolTouch VARIABreeze lasers at Carmel Foot Specialist have toenail fungi trembling in fear. All it takes is one laser treatment to kill the fungus living underneath your toenails.A fungal nail infection can be […]

What is Gout?

If you have ever been awakened at night with a hot and painful feeling in your big toe or ankle and the joint appears red and swollen, there is a good chance you have gout. Gout is a disease caused by an excess of uric acid […]

Flip Flop Safety

It is finally flip flop season and while this means your feet will be cool, your feet can take a beating if you live in them all summer. Most flip flops and sandals do not give your arch the right amount of support needed and […]

Tricky Over Use Injuries: Stress Fractures

A bone goes through a cycle of resorption and regrowth where the bone’s cells are constantly being replaced. Repetitive force does not give your bones enough time between resorption and regrowth. This is when stress fractures can occur.Stress fractures are tiny cracks in the bone […]

Orthaheel Shoes Reduce Inflammation and Pain

If you are tired of having swollen and painful feet, it might be a good time to think about what might be causing your symptoms and what you can do to reduce your inflammation.The most common causes of chronic inflammation in the feet are:Blood clots […]

March Madness: Common Basketball Injuries

Have you already picked your brackets for March Madness? In honor of the tournament starting, this post is all about basketball injuries.Basketball is actually one of the most hazardous sports, causing nearly half a million injuries per year.The majority of these injuries can be categorized […]

LA Laker’s and the Case of the Torn Fascia

 Photo: Yahoo SportsWhile plantar fasciitis is the chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, a plantar fascial tear most often results from a traumatic injury. Such is the case with LA Laker’s star player, Pau Gasol, who recently suffered a […]

Prevent Foot Cramps With Stretches

Like any part of the body, your feet need to be stretched every now and then to keep healthy and to prevent injury.Here are some great toe exercises to get those piggies into fighting shape.Interlaced Toe Stretch: Sit in a chair with your right foot on […]

Its All About Heel Pain!

The Plantar Fascia is a ligament-like band running from your heel to the ball of your foot. This band pulls on the heel bone, raising the arch of your foot as it pushes off the ground. But if your foot moves incorrectly, the plantar fascia […]

When To Replace Your Shoes!

The common stance on when to replace your running shoes is every six months on average, depending on the amount of wear and use of the shoe involved.However, people rarely think about when is the right time to replace the other shoes that you wear […]

The Foot and Body Boutique

New things are happening at Carmel Foot Specialists! We are happy to announce the opening of our luxurious and medically designed spa!  The Podiatrists at Carmel Foot Specialsits opened The Foot and Body Boutique after learning the true origin of many patients’ toe nail fungus […]

The Dangers of Swollen Feet

While the holidays may be over, the left-over stress may be keeping your feet painfully swollen. Swollen feet might seem like a typical issue, but there are some underlying conditions that are indicated by chronic excess fluid in the feet.Kidney FailureCongestive Heart FailureHigh Blood Pressure Cellulitis Cirrhosis of […]

Simple Foot Pampering

Whether  you are looking for a Do-It-Yourself remedy or a medical treatment for your foot troubles, your feet deserve to be pampered. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 87% of women suffer some sort of foot ailment, yet 72 % spend less money […]

PRP Saves The Day!

Sometimes after suffering an injury to a tendon or a joint, your body’s effort was just not enough to completely heal the injury. This is where Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy comes in and saves the day!Never heard of PRP? Basically, PRP is a therapy that […]

Finding The Perfect Boot

While wearing winter boots will keep your feet warm and dry, it is important to follow a few simple tips to ensure you are not actually damaging your feet this winter.Getting The Right Fit:When trying on boots, bring the type of socks you will be […]

Get Fungus Free Nails Before Summer!

Now is the time to get rid of your toenail fungus if you want clear nails by summer! It can take from one to three treatments spread out over a few weeks to destroy the fungus. Once the fungus is destroyed it can take 6 […]

Fantasy Football Injury Guide: Plantar Fasciitis

Welcome to the third installment of the fantasy football injury guide! Today’s injury is plantar fasciitis. While this is not a sudden injury like most injuries can be in football, plantar fasciitis can be just as painful as a torn ligament or a fractured bone.Plantar […]

Fantasy Football Injury Guide: Turf Toe

Turf Toe is an injury that is often underestimated as a severe injury. Turf Toe is actually a debilitating and painful sprain of the ligaments around the big toe that can cause your favorite player many weeks of being out of the game.The ligaments in […]

Basketball Ankle Injuries: Strengthening and Bracing

Basketball can be one of the toughest sports on joints and the ligaments in the foot and ankle. Running, jumping, changing directions, and occasionally running into other players can cause the ankle serious injury.

Basketball players often suffer sprains from rolling the ankle or strains from […]

Fantasy Football Series: High Ankle Sprain

The cooler temperatures, blue skies and the start of football means that fall is finally here! While the most common injury in football for players of all ages is concussions and other neck and head injuries, players’ feet and ankles are at high risk for […]