Bad news strikes again.

Quarterback Cam Newton will undergo a minor ankle surgery tomorrow (Wednesday- 3/19/14) at CMC- Charlotte Metro Hospital. Foot Specialist Robert Anderson will be performing the surgery.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports that the procedure will tighten ankle ligaments that has been giving Newton pain. Panthers’ victory versus New Orleans Saints left Newton with a rolling ankle injury.

Newton is expected to return for training camp after missing some or all of offseason practices.

Recovery timetable: 4 months.
Newton’s four month absence is particularly concerning due to the fact that his top four wide receivers will not be returning for this upcoming season. More importantly, Newton will miss out on training and building rapport with his new batch of targets until late July or August.

Rehabilitation for ankle sprains allow the ankle to regain strength and flexibility due to the weak ligaments surrounding the muscles of the ankle. The RICE mechanism can be instant implementation of treating a sprain ankle.

R: resting the ankle
I: applying ice 
C: compressing
E: elevating it

Physical therapists help with assigning different types of exercises dealing with ankle flexibility, strengthening, balance, and agility.

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