Heel Pain

Heel Pain refers to the many conditions that cause pain associated with the heel of your foot. There are many different forms and causes of heel pain and one in four people will experience some form of heel pain in their lifetime.

Common Forms of Heel Pain:

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis is the common inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Due to tears in the tendon or calcium deposits, pain is experienced at the point where the tendon is attached to the heel bone.

Heel Spurs

A Heel Spur is a hook-shaped growth of the bone that extends from the heel bone. Heel spurs occur when calcium deposits build up on bottom of the heel bone over the period of a few months. Initially, heel spurs are painless, but can extend into plantar fascia, it can cause inflammation and chronic stabbing pain.

Sever’s Disease

Sever’s Disease is a condition found in active children that results from inflammation of growth plates in the heel bone. In adolescence, the heel bone sometimes grow faster than surrounding muscles and tendons causing tightness and over-stretching. Repetitive motions, like running, causes tight tendons to damage the growth plate.

Haglund’s Deformity

Haglund’s Deformity is a painful bump on the back of the heel bone from wearing tight shoes. A fluid-filled sac, burs, can be inflamed. Hereditary & structural in origin, heel bumps or Haglund’s Deformity, can also be caused by weight gain, improper shoes, or injury.
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when posterior tibial nerve is compressed within tarsal tunnel. This syndrome causes numbness in bottom of foot, pain, burning, and tingling over base of foot and heel.

Heel Bursitis

Heel bursitis is the inflammation of a small sac of fluid between the tendon and bone. Bursitis is caused by overuse of foot or repeated stress on heel bone from shoes are too tight.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures of the heel bone are caused by overuse force to heel bone like running, jumping, and sudden force. It is most painful when standing and other weight-bearing activities.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by poor foot mechanics. The plantar fascia is a ligament-like band running from your heel to the ball of your foot. This band pulls on the heel bone, raising the arch of your foot as it pushes off the ground. If your foot moves incorrectly, the plantar fascia band may become strained allowing it to swell and its tiny fibers to fray, causing plantar fasciitis.

Heel Pain Center

The Heel Pain Center of the Carolinas

Our doctors at Carmel Foot Specialists have developed the heel pain center to resolve your acute or chronic heel pain. We treat a variety of heel pain conditions and while undergoing treatment at the Heel Pain Center you can continue your active lifestyle and exercise.

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