If you think of those squishy shoe inserts when you think of orthotics, think again. Custom fit orthotics are for those who need extra support and a way to re-align the bones in your feet with the muscles surrounding them.

Some common injuries that are caused by mechanical problems with your feet are knee pain, shin splints, stress fractures and heel pain. By using custom orthotics, problems like pronation and supination can be addressed.

Your podiatrist will first fit you based on your sport of choice and the type of injury you are trying to alleviate or prevent. Runners are most commonly in need of custom orthotics. Running puts significant stress on the bones of your feet and custom inserts can reduce the risk of over-use injuries.

If you are experiencing any of these injuries, please come see us. New technology, such as scanners, are allowing us to make your orthotics fit you even better. Carmel Foot Specialists is located in Charlotte, NC

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