It is finally flip flop season and while this means your feet will be cool, your feet can take a beating if you live in them all summer. Most flip flops and sandals do not give your arch the right amount of support needed and can lead to some severe heel pain. Make sure to switch it up and wear some shoes with more support every now and then to keep your feet healthy.

One very crucial use for flip flops during the summer is to protect you from nail fungus, athlete’s foot and plantar warts. Pools and public showers can host some nasty viruses and bacteria that can leave you with a whole years worth of trouble and pain. Make sure you wear your flip flops in these situations.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to consider this sandal season: 

  • Gently bend the flip flop to make sure it bends slightly at the ball of the foot. NEVER buy a shoe that can fold completely in half.
  • Shop for a flip flop made out of high quality soft leather to reduce irritation and blister formation
  • Make sure your foot doesn’t hang off the end of the shoe
  • Look for pairs with built in arch support

  • Don’t get flip flops do not have the best arch support and make sure to switch out shoes to prevent heel pain.
  • Don’t wear a pair out. Look for wear and tear in old pairs of flip flops and discard if there is too much use.
  • Don’t igonore irritation between your toes. This irritation can lead to sores and infection
  • Don’t play sports in flip flops. This can cause twisting or the foot and ankle as well as sprains and breaks. 
For a lists of Flip Flops approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association click here
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Have A Happy Feet Day!! 

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