Recently, Tom Hanks revealed he is battling Type 2 Diabetes. USA Today has reported Hanks initial reaction when sitting down with Late Night Talk Show host David Letterman. Hanks mentioned through the interview that like him, there are millions of others that have this disease knowing that it is a growing epidemic in our nation today.

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Most common disease in America (90-95% of American population affected) 
  • Insulin Resistance: Body makes insulin but either pancreas doesn’t have enough or the insulin altogether is not ample supplement for the body. This results in glucose (sugar) to build up and not get into the body’s cell.
  • Problems of glucose build-up:
    1. Damage to nerves and blood vessel of eyes, kidneys, & heart 
    2. Leads to heart attack and strokes
    3. Dehydration-build up can increase urination causing dehydration
    4. Diabetic Coma- comes along especially when very ill or severely hydrated that can  result in life-threatening complications
    5. Legs and feet that don’t get enough blood can also lead to Peripheral Arterial Disease

Research at Michigan State showed that diabetes can very well affect the health of your own feet! Many people aren’t aware of the conditions of their feet when their weight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, & blood pressure are their main priorities.

Blood vessels make up the circulatory system. When nerve damage is apparent & vessels are clogged or become narrow, diabetics may not be aware of the condition of their feet. Here are some tips on how to help your feet!

    1. Keep blood glucose, BP, & cholesterol levels all close to normal
    2. Maintain a low-fat, high-fiber diet. 
    3. Inspect your feet! Using a hand-held mirror, check the bottom of your feet for any red spots, sores, infections on skin and nails, and swelling. 
    4. Wash your feet daily with warm (not hot) water. Make sure to dry well in between toes.
    5. Keep the top and bottom of feet moisturized to prevent dry, cracked skin that can lead to infection.
    6. Contact your podiatrist for care of calluses/corns. Use a pumice stone to smooth down. Do not use any liquids that state treatment, they can be very harmful!
    7. Keep your toenails trimmed! Set an appointment with The Foot & Body Boutique!  
    8. Always wear well-fitted socks and check shoes to make sure nothing small gets trapped to lead to infection
    9. Wear warm boots when in cold weather & avoid hot pavements and direct sunlight in warmer weather.
    10. Maintain circulation flow

      • excercise!
      • wiggle toes
      • rotate ankles when resting
      • no crossing legs at knees or ankles
      • no tight socks

    The A-list actor who has conquered dozens of roles in his career joked on the late night talk show last Monday that he would make his condition manageable but could never get his weight down to what the doctor order. Other celebrities that deal with the condition are Drew Carey, Halle Berry, Sherri Shephard, Paula Deen, & Patti LaBelle.