Dr.’s Remedy Antifungal Nail Polish

Bathing suit, Check! Sunscreen, Check! Antifungal nail polish, Check!

For a safe and worry free summer, take the necessary steps to assure you stay fungus free. Our favorite activities in the summer heat means that your feet are trapped in a sweaty, hot, and damp environment that fungus thrives in. Nail fungus has now reached an estimated 35 million Americans who struggle with unsightly and brittle nails.

Not only is nail fungus an eyesore, it can lead to severe infections that can be deadly if left unchecked.

Follow these tips keep fungus at bay:

  • Fungus hates dry air and light, so wear supportive flip flops and sandals to let your feet and toenails breathe. 
  • When in a public area like a pool or shower, wear shower shoes to keep your feet from coming in contact with fungus or other infections. 
  • Wear antifungal nail polish to protect against fungus from penetrating the nail. We sell Dr.’s Remedy Antifungal Nail Polish and Removers both in our office and online at The Foot and Body Boutique
  • Let your sneakers air out after a particularly sweaty work out. You can even add antiperspirant powders to your sneakers to dry them out and ward off fungus. 
  • Keep your nails trimmed short and filed to allow the antifungal polish to penetrate the nail. Trimming the nail also can prevent fungus from infiltrating the whole nail if it has already done so. 
  • Make an appointment at Carmel Foot Specialists to keep your feet and ankles healthy. Fungus and other foot issues can be tricky to diagnose, so it is important you get the best advice and treatment! 

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