The common concept of the “Running Form” is

  • Upright postural alignment with slight forward tilt
  • Compact arm swing 
  • Short Strides
  • Cadence of 180 steps or higher per minute
Competitor Magazine posted an article on March 5, 2014 on the importance of foot-striking.  Physical Therapist, Jay Dicharry, states that the significance of foot-striking occurs on HOW & WHERE your foot hits the ground. Whether you’re a heel striker, midfoot-striking gait, or running on forefoot, Dicharry states, “It’s where your foot contacts the ground is more important than how it contacts the ground.” 

Roughly 65-80% of runners are injured annually by applying too much force on a repetitive basis.

“Runners who force themselves into landing on their forefoot generally decrease impact strain. But if you lack hip extension and try to force a forefoot contact, you’ll still be over-striding and will end up working much harder to run the same speed.”
To avoid injuries, here are some quick tips to fix your form: 
1. Get out of the back seat.
  • Runners with an arched lower back put their body weight too far back. 
  • Run in lighter shoes with a flatter heel-toe ramp to help run in a more upright and slightly forward-leaning posture. 

2. Land close to your body.

  • Don’t over-stride!! Shorten your strides and increase your cadence. 

3. Vary the surfaces you run on.

  • Your body learns how to land on surfaces that aren’t flat and smooth. Try running on the grass outside rather than the concrete sidewalk. 

4. Run softly.

  • This is for you, heel-strikers! Little impact force with light foot-strikes is KEY! 

If there are any questions or concerns, contact us at Carmel Foot Specialist or comment on our Facebook page!

Happy Run, friends!

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