Is Your Spa as Clean as You Think?

A clean spa is a safe spa. So, we have to ask … just how safe is your local spa?

Sure, everything might look clean on the surface. But how many people have used that foot bath today? What kinds of organisms might be hiding in those whirlpool pipes? How many different pairs of feet have touched those tools? Does that blue “sanitizing” solution actually work? When is the last time they changed it?

Unfortunately, the neighborhood boutique might not be quite as clean as you thought. Salon-borne diseases and illnesses are on the rise; more than a million Americans will walk into a spa this year and walk out with a bacterial or fungal infection. Substandard infection control practices are a big part of the problem. Unsafe procedures, like pushing back cuticles too far, can play a role as well.

But here’s a dirty secret (pun intended): even spas and boutiques that are “up to code” and pass every state inspection can harbor harmful micro-organisms on tools and in baths and pipes. The legal minimum? It just isn’t very good.

If you truly want a clean, safe, relaxing pedicure or manicure, you need a spa that goes way above and beyond the state requirements for cleanliness, sterilization, and professionalism in every respect—from the tools, to the environment, to the people who work there. That’s what you’ll find at The Foot & Body Boutique—in our opinion, nobody does luxurious pampering safer or better!

How do we show our commitment to a clean, environment? Let us count the ways:

  • Our owners, operators, and supervisors aren’t just businesspeople—they’re licensed, practicing doctors of podiatric medicine, and the spa is part of their clinic.
  • Our staff aren’t just aesthetic nail technicians. They’re certified medical nail technicians with advanced training and have successfully passed their exams in order to provide cosmetic services to medical-grade standards.
  • We use an autoclave for hospital-grade sterilization of all our tools and implements. Autoclaves are pressure chambers that heat high-pressure saturated steam to around 250 degrees Fahrenheit—hot enough to kill all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is the highest level of sterilization available, and the same equipment that the podiatrists in the clinic use to sterilize their surgical equipment—that’s how high the standard is!
  • Any tools that cannot be sterilized in the autoclave (files, buffers, polish brushes, etc.) are never re-used. In fact, you can take them home with you!
  • Our pedicure chairs are pipeless and use air, rather than water, to operate the turbines. This eliminates any possibility of infected water remaining in the pipes and recirculating from a previous client. To clean the system, we remove and sterilize the turbines, refill and run a cycle, then clean it again.
  • We don’t even share polish bottles! When you pick out your color, we’ll pour it into a sterilized cup and apply it with a single-use brush. That way, there’s no chance of cross-contamination.

Don’t settle for a spa with a “so-so” commitment to sanitation! You don’t have to put your feet at risk anytime you want luxurious, relaxing pampering. Come see us at the Foot & Body Boutique in Charlotte. Appointments are required; call (704) 331-2111 to schedule.