Dr.Richard A. Lind of Carmel Foot
The podiatrists at Carmel Foot Specialists are not only experts on foot care, but ankle care as well. Many people also wrongfully self-diagnose their ankle injuries. And then later on, pain may not be as sharp but it is still present and noticeable. 
Dr.Richard A.Lind is a Board Certified Podiatrist at Carmel Foot Specialists in Charlotte, NC. He has performed many arthroscopic ankle surgeries and in this post shared his thoughts on chronic ankle pain.

This chronic ankle pain may come about from an under-treated ankle sprain, many repeated small sprains or following a fracture which ‘heals’ the bone but an abnormal feeling remains in the ankle.

Even if conservative measures of physical therapy, bracing, or injections are taken, pain can still persist. When this occurs, additional diagnostic tested should be done by a podiatrist.  Depending on the problem, many severe cases can be addressed through arthroscopic surgery. 
This technology allows thorough  evalutaion and treatment through small ‘portal’ incisions.  At Carmel Foot Specialists, we have successfully treated bone cysts, torn ankle ligaments and arthritic conditions with minimal down time.
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