Know Your ABCD’s For Your Next Marathon Run!
Abrasions & Blisters
Bone Breaks
Cramping & Tendon Problems
Disorder of Toenails

Neal M. Blitz D.P.M., an NYC Aesthetic and Reconstructive Foot Surgeon posted some tips on The Huffington Post about how to runners injury free as they gear up for marathon season!

“Your feet need to be in tip-top shape if you expect to run 138,336 feet to actually finish a marathon.”

A: Abrasions & Blisters
Abrasions and blisters are caused by pressure points and repetitive irritation, common runner pressure points such as:
          Top of toes
          Big toe joint area
          Back part of heel
Skin irritation can worsen runners with any bunions or hammertoes.
·         Abrasion: simple break in skin
·         Blister: lifting of skin with fluid collection beneath it.
Preventive Measures:
          Keep skin moisturized
          Callused areas should be targeted
          Use a urea cream (The Foot & Body Intensive foot cream) breaks down excessive skin build-up
          Callus and corn removers contain salicylic acid, be careful in quantity used or tissue can deterioriate and lead to open sores
          Wear specialty socks to provide protective cushioning for areas of pressure points
          Ill-fitting footwear can cause friction and further skin irritation
          Inspect the front end stitching for toes should be able to bend
B: Bone Breaks
Fractures/Bone breaks typically start as stress fractures. Most common metatarsal stress fracture occurs around the 2ndtoe region of foot. Acute stress fractures are noticeable through pain, swelling, and any redness.
Running with stress fractures can cause malalignment (bone displacement) and runners with either a very high arch or very flat feet are even more prone to stress fractures.
Preventive Measures:
          Do NOT ignore pain!!
          More cushioned sneakers & properly fitted shoes
          Orthotics: brings balance to foot and takes pressure off spots prone to fractures
          Proper nutrition
o   Vitamin C: collagen formation for bones
o   Calcium: bone health
o   Vitamin D: promotes calcium absorption
C. Cramping & Tendon Problems
Cramping, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis all occur from biomechanical and structural problems within foot. Less experienced runners develop easily and commonly result in training past capabilities, tight musculature brings cramping and shin splints
Preventive Measures:
          Build stamina & strength
          Thorough stretching to keep muscles and tendons
          Post run Epsom Salt baths
          Deep tissue massages
          Orthotics help manage arch pain by providing support and better alignment
          Take a break from running
D. Disorder of Toenails
Black toenails results from bleeding beneath nail plate and typically occurs from pressure and friction from repetitive running. Toenail disorders are usually painful; however, black toenail doesn’t interfere with training due to prolonged toenail irritation.
Preventive Measures:
          Fitted shoes
          Keep nails trimmed
          Medical attention for painful, irritated nails

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