Just as laser pointers are the bane of every cat’s existence, the CoolTouch VARIABreeze lasers at Carmel Foot Specialist have toenail fungi trembling in fear. All it takes is one laser treatment to kill the fungus living underneath your toenails.

A fungal nail infection can be a tricky problem. It could be due to poor health, nail trauma, exposure to infections in public places,tight shoes, or even a family history of nail infections. While oral drugs and topical drugs can be effective, these drugs can have serious side effects, they have to be applied or taken for long periods of time, and they are not effective in all patients.

The laser is a great treatment option that provides clear nails without the risk of oral medications and the strict regimen of topical creams.

How does the laser kill the fungus? 

The VARIABreeze Laser sends energy through into and through the nail and surrounding skin that is absorbed by the fungal organisms causing them to heat. The heat damages and kills the organisms. When all of the fungal orgasms are killed, the nail can grow out normally. This complete eradication of the fungus can occur in one treatment depending on the level of infection. Some more infected nails will require multiple treatments to achieve clear nails.

You will start to see results within 2-4 months as your nail starts to grow out healthily.

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