Peyton Manning grabs his right ankle as teammate Knowshon Moreno comes over to take a look near the end of Denver’s win over the Chargers.

Denver Broncos Week 10 game against San Diego Chargers left quarterback Peyton Manning injured with a high ankle sprain causing a tear of ligaments that connect the fibula and tibia. The sprain is caused by the lower leg and foot have a sudden twisting motion outward. Though interim Head Coach Jack Del Rio still plans on Manning to play this Sunday night (11/17/13) against the Kansas City Chiefs, backup quarterback Brock Osweiler is ready. In a recent interview posted by the Denver Post , Osweiler stated that he is always prepared and he must know the game inside and out every week.

How will a high ankle sprain affect Manning? 
A syndesmotic (high) ankle sprain primarily affects the quickness of the athlete. Manning’s passing and running the ball will present the severity of the ankle sprain, but also if he has trouble scrambling out the pocket.

What is Syndesmotic (high) Ankle Sprain?

  • Sprain of syndesmotic ligaments that connect tibia & fibula on lower leg
  • Common injury for athletes, especially in contact sports. 11%-17% of the athletic population struggle with this injury & about 60% of those injuries are in result of collision sports such as American football, soccer, and basketball. 
  • Structures involved= tibia, fibula, interrosseous membrane, & 4 ligaments: 
    • anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament
    • posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament
    • interrosseous ligament
    • transverse tibiofibular ligament
  • Dull/sharp pain outside-front lower leg above ankle; pain is sharper when twisted
  • Swelling is usually minor or nonexistent due to its site of injury on leg
  • Squeeze Test- squeeze the lower calf region and slightly turn
  • CT/Radiographs- checks for any displacements of tibia & fibula

So what does that mean for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos? Time will tell as Sunday night’s game approaches and Coach Del Rio finalizes his decision.

Osweiler also said. “I’m getting more practice time than last year. A couple of weeks when Peyton has been banged up, I’ve gotten more reps in practice.” Del Rio wouldn’t commit Monday to how much practice time each quarterback will get this week.

Though MRI done on Monday came back clean, it was reported by CBS that Manning was unable to practice. Manning using the


technique is no shock, keeping his ankle rested for the next couple days is best for any high sprain ankle condition.

For any further questions or concerns about High Ankle Sprains, contact us!

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