Have you ever had an unwelcome houseguest stay just a little (or in other words, way) too long? Or maybe you had a lazy freeloading roommate you were stuck with on a zillion-month lease?

If we could pick a single common foot condition that could embody that experience, our choice would probably be fungal toenails.

Certainly, there are many other conditions that are more painful, or that have a tendency to linger. Heel pain, for example. But fungal toenails stand out in their ability to resist most forms of treatment, stick around for months no matter what you do, and come back almost immediately after you got rid of them the first time.

Until now.

Carmel Foot Specialists (and our neighbors at the Foot & Body Boutique) are teaming up with advanced medical and aesthetic treatment options that can, when used in combination, provide both instant visual results and an effective medical cure.

If you’re ready for exciting details, feel free to skip down to the section labeled Laser Therapy & KeryFlex. For a little more context about just why this new approach is so amazing, read on.

Why You Just Can’t Shake Your Fungal Toenails

We won’t review all the causes and risk factors for fungal toenails in this blog. What we will say is that, once the fungus gets under your nail, it has a pretty sweet setup:

• All the keratin it can eat, forever—the nail is loaded with it and continues to supply more as it grows.
• A thick, nearly impenetrable shield that repels topical antifungal medications. (Topicals can work, but have maybe a 50/50 success rate overall—and that’s with weekly nail thinning and daily application for more than a year.)
• Relative protection from the circulatory system. Blood flow is comparatively light in the toes, which means your immune system really can’t fight the infection on its own, and even oral antifungal medications can take a long time to work. (And for some people, the side effects aren’t worth it.)

Basically, what this means is that fungal toenails will never go away on their own, and conventional treatment methods are both slow and spotty in terms of their success rates.

Then throw this on top: because the damage to your nail has already been done, even killing the fungi isn’t the end of your problem. You’ve still got to wait months and months for new, healthy nail tissue to grow in and replace the old.

Again, until now.

Laser Therapy & KeryFlex—The One-Two Punch Your Toenails Need

Most of the time, when new treatment technologies come around, they provide small but meaningful benefits to our patients. And while we appreciate and keep up with those changes, it’s always especially nice when a new treatment paradigm comes in and basically blows all the old methods completely out of the water.

Enter laser therapy, a medical treatment offered by Carmel Foot Specialists, and KeryFlex nail restoration, an aesthetic treatment offered by the Foot & Body Boutique. When used in combination, these two procedures solve both problems—curing the infection and getting fast aesthetic results.

Laser Therapy

Simply put, laser therapy is a modern treatment option that not only provides faster and more reliable medical results than oral or topical antifungal medications, but it does so with greater convenience and fewer (actually, zero) risks.

The laser device sends focused beams of light energy into the infected tissue. The specific wavelength of light used is just right—in that it’s deadly to fungi but harmless to your skin, and able to mostly pass through the nail itself unimpeded.

Usually, only 2-3 treatment sessions are required to take out the fungi and help you get back to growing healthy, clear toenails. Those sessions tend to be, at most, 30 minutes long—and that’s if we have to treat multiple toes on both feet. There are no known side effects, no discomfort (mild warming sensation), and no downtime after the procedure.

If you opt for just laser therapy (without KeryFlex), you’ll probably start to really notice results about 2-4 months after treatment. Then, it’s just a matter of how long it takes your toenails to grow.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

But let’s say you don’t want to wait several months for nails that look nice and clear. You’ve got to be ready to rock those cute sandals for this weekend’s soiree!

In that case, the Foot & Body Boutique has you covered with KeryFlex.

This is about a 30-minute procedure in which our esthetician remodels and prepares your damaged fungal toenail, then custom-builds a synthetic nail from a medical-grade resin that cures and hardens under UV light.
In other words, this isn’t just “covering” your fungal nail with an artificial one. The KeryFlex nail is flexible, breathable, non-porous, and really looks, moves, and feels like a natural nail. You can even paint and file it!

Aesthetic results are dramatic and immediate, and typically last around 8 weeks on average. After that, you can redo the procedure as often as you like until your own clear, natural nail has returned.

Put Fungal Nails Down for the Count

Thanks to these treatment options, there’s no longer a need to put up with daily treatments, expose your body to risks of side effects, accept poor cure rates, or wait forever for the results to catch up.

Literally in one afternoon, you could start an effective medical treatment plan, then go next door and restore your nail’s physical appearance.
So what are you waiting for? Call Carmel Foot Specialists today! You can reach us by dialing either of the numbers below or by clicking on the location and filling out the contact form that appears.

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