Obesity is an important health condition that manifests through an excessive mass of body fat that may have harmful effects on individuals’ health and life expectancy. A person is considered to be obese when his body mass index is over 30 kg per square meter. The body mass index or BMI is a result of dividing one’s weight expressed in kilograms by the square of the individual’s height expressed in meters. Diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and even cancer are a few of the most serious health conditions one could develop as a result of their obesity.

Causes Of Obesity

The general causes and factors that tend to trigger obesity refer to improper eating, genetic predisposition to the disease, endocrinal system problems, the lack of physical workout, certain medications and even particular psychiatric illnesses. Though many people will reply that they do not eat large amounts of food, but their slow metabolism is making them gain weight, there is not sufficient evidence to sustain this theory. In reality, the fact that they weigh more than they should be weighing normally causes them to use more energy than thinner people.

Obesity in children is a serious issue we address here at the North End Community Health Centre in Halifax. Below you will find a series of guiding tips you can put into practice with your own children in order to prevent infant obesity.

Work Together – Quality Time Workouts, Better Sleep, Less TV

Choose a day of the week when the entire family has more spare time at hand. Use that day to work out. Keep in mind a single workout hour can help you burn around 350 calories by simply mowing your lawn. Encourage your small ones to push the mower and help them easily get rid of around 175 calories.

Limit your children’s TV and computer time – they are most likely already overdoing it, according to studies in the field. Spending a great deal of time playing video games or playing on their tablets will prevent them from exercising in the outdoors. The old school types of childhood games seem to become completely obsolete. Few kids play hide and seek anymore. Everyone is hooked on one smart device or the other. As a parent, you need to understand that while these devices have the important role of developing your children’s thinking and skills, they can also unwillingly harm them. By keeping them captivated in front of touchscreen for hours and associating unhealthy snacks with their games nights will eventually lead to weight issues.

No more high-calorie sugary drinks, no more skipping healthy breakfasts and family dinners rich in vegetables and healthy fats, protein and fruits as deserts. Take the matters into your own hands, get informed and be your children’s saviors.

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