Portland Timber’s Pa Modou Kah opts for PRP Therapy to help alleviate pain in both Achilles Tendons struck with tendonitis. The Timber’s centerback has already missed two games this month and will most likely sit out for the first match in the U.S. Open Cup next week.

PRP Therapy is a method of treatment formed to regenerate new tissue at the site of the injury and reduce the severity of the pain by using Kah’s own blood. PRP, platelet rich plasma, is bound in the blood stream and is essential in body tissue composition. This new popular method is utilized in aiding muscle injury and expediting healing of any pain at the site of injury.
Steps in PRP Treatment:
1.       Blood is drawn from patient into a small vial
2.       Vial is spun in centrifuge. PRP becomes isolated from the rest of blood in this process.
3.       PRP taken and injected at the direct site of injury.

This new, advanced technology is formulated to provide long lasting, permanent results within the hour of injection is received. With a success rate of 85%, PRP showcases the body’s natural healing response as a natural form of non-surgical procedure in the 21st century.
Other famous athletes that have gone through this procedure are:
          Kobe Bryant
          Maria Sharapova
          Rafael Nadal
          Alex Rodriguez

For more questions or comments on PRP Therapy, contact usand we’ll be happy to help! Thanks! 

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