Whether  you are looking for a Do-It-Yourself remedy or a medical treatment for your foot troubles, your feet deserve to be pampered. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 87% of women suffer some sort of foot ailment, yet 72 % spend less money on their feet than any other body part.
Why is it that the feet are often one of the most neglected areas of the body? Take some time out of your day to pamper your feet and your body will have a better base. The first step is to look at your feet and recognize what they need.
Follow these steps and be on your way to happy feet:

The Heel Helper:

  • Just like filler injections used for the face, injections into the balls of the feet can help plump the balls of the feet providing a cushion that can replace the worn down fat pad of your heel. While injections wont change the look of your feet, they can protect the nerves and soft tissues to make walking more comfortable.

Ayurvedic foot map

Reflexology Massage:

  • Ancient Ayurvedic traditions based on the notion that each of the body parts are linked to a spot on the foot. A reflexology marma-point foot massage promotes circulation, joint mobility and flexibility. You can either get this massage done professionally or  do it at home with these techniques.
Soak your piggies: 
  • A salt based foot soak softens skin and cuticles. Depending on the ingredients, some foot soaks include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents eliminating pain and odor.
Helping Hydration:

  • Locking in moisture by applying a rich foot cream can soothe and repair dry skin and cracked heels. For a quick pick-me-up, a roll on balm hydrates and cools your feet for those days you need it.

Eliminate Calluses: 
  • Pumice stones can be too rough on some areas of the foot. By using a foot file, you get the feeling of a pedicure without paying big money for it. The rough side of a foot file  removes dead skin and callused spots, while the smoother side massages and exfoliates your foot. 

Soothe your sole:

  • A soothing serum offers a surge of moisture that does everything from softening cuticles to completely eliminating calluses. Use this in especially dry spots like the soles. 
Have A Happy Feet Day!! 

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