Sports Injury

At Carmel Foot Specialists we see a over-use sports injury most often related to athletic activities and sports.

Athletes should see a podiatrist if there is pain, redness or swelling in your foot. By seeing a podiatrist, you will be on the track to recovery faster then just resting. Recovery from a sports injury can take six to eight weeks and by seeing a podiatrist, proper fitting shoe inserts and braces can be prescribed and healing can be made easier.

As well as over training, a sports injury can be caused by increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too rapidly. They can also be caused by impact on an unfamiliar surface like a runner switching from running on grass to running on the road.

The Most Common Type of Sports Injury:

With theses types of sports injuries, seeing a podiatrist can save you unnecessary pain and downtime from activities.

To Prevent a Sports Injury:

  • Follow a recognized training program.
  • When training, gradually build up the amount and intensity of the activity.
  • Cross-train. By alternating daily activities that achieve the same fitness goals, you prevent stress fractures. Running and biking can be alternated. Also, by adding strength and flexibility training, your muscles will be able to support your training better.
  • Replace shoes frequently.
  • Get evaluated by a sports medicine podiatrist prior to training.