Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

Whether you’re competing for an NCAA championship, preparing for a big dance show, or you just like to go for a run or play a little recreational tennis on the weekends, nothing is more frustrating than a foot or ankle injury.

Athletes of all experience and skill levels should always seek out a podiatrist if pain or swelling in their feet or ankles is keeping them from what they love. Ignoring the problem may only make it worse, and seeing a podiatrist can get you through recovery faster than simply resting.

That’s especially true if your podiatrist happens to be one of our experienced physicians at Carmel Foot Specialists, where we use a variety of regenerative treatments to accelerate the healing process after a sports injury.

Common Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

At Carmel Foot Specialists, we treat all types of sports injuries that afflict the lower legs and below. This includes sudden traumatic injuries, like breaks and sprains, but it also includes chronic pain and swelling that develops over time—such as chronic heel pain or ankle instability.

Don’t ever assume that just because you can “play through” the pain (as might be the case with heel pain) that your injury is not still serious. The longer you ignore chronic pain, the more likely it will become worse and worse (and the more difficult to treat it may become). Ultimately, you’ll end up spending more downtime fixing it than you would if you had just sought help in the first place.

Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

Some of the most common types of sport-related injuries we treat are listed below. Feel free to click the attached links to learn more about them.

Advanced Treatment Options Are Available

Common traditional approaches to treating sports injuries include resting, orthotics, physical therapy, cortisone injections, or immobilization (casting), depending on the nature and severity of the injury. We may recommend some of these options to you as well.

However, we also offer a variety of cutting-edge treatments for athletes who are looking for an edge to get them back in the game as quickly as possible. These include:

  • MLS laser therapy, which harnesses the power of light at specific wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity, metabolism, and repair mechanisms.
  • Softwave acoustic therapy, which uses unfocused (and completely safe) shockwaves to trigger the release of cellular RNA from your body’s cells, accelerating your natural healing processes.
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy, which collects critical growth factors present in your own blood and redirects them to areas where they can concentrate on repairing damaged tissues.
  • AmnioFix injection therapy, which repurposes ethically donated post-C-section amniotic tissue to create a potent injectable compound packed with growth factors necessary for tissue repair, nutrient and oxygen flow, and attracting your body’s own stem cells to the site of injury.

Again, feel free to click any of the links above to learn more about each specific procedure and how it can help you.

Preventing Sports Injuries

In addition to treating your sports injury, we’ll also educate you on how you can take the appropriate steps to prevent future ones.

Some key tips include:

  • Always wear an appropriate pair of sport-specific shoes. Make sure they fit properly, and make sure you replace them once they are worn and no longer providing adequate cushioning and support.
  • Follow a recognized training program.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of your training slowly over time. Do not rush into new training programs or new sports without building up to them.
  • Cross-train in multiple different activities, including strength and flexibility training and some low-impact exercises (swimming, biking, etc.). Alternating activities allows different parts of your body to rest and recover while you continue to pursue your fitness goals, and also allows you to train harder while reducing your risk of injury.
  • Visit a podiatric sports medicine specialist before training so you can get the most relevant and specific information regarding your foot health.

Don’t keep running or playing on a painful foot until your problem becomes severe and unbearable. Instead, give us a call today. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping athletes return to their favorite activities.

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