New things are happening at Carmel Foot Specialists! We are happy to announce the opening of our luxurious and medically designed spa!  The Podiatrists at Carmel Foot Specialsits opened The Foot and Body Boutique after learning the true origin of many patients’ toe nail fungus : getting pedicures.

Some of these pedicures were at expensive upscale nail salons and spas. However, most nail salons do not take the steps that our doctos have taken.

  • Each relaxing and luxurious manicure or pedicure is performed or supervised by a medical nail technician. 
  • Each tool used is either thrown away after use or sterilized in a medical grade autoclave ( a hot, pressurized chamber used to sterilize medical instruments).  
  • Nail polish, moisturizer, and any other material used is individualized and personal.
  • The basins for soaking feet are pipeless and therefore the water we use is never recycled.
  • Foot Soak Basins are sterilized after every use to prevent spreading foot fungus.
  • We us protein polish which allows the nail to continue to receive nutrients and lasts for 4 weeks.
For more information on our medically designed spa be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook or contact us at 704-331-2111. 

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