Many runners have these cramps at least a few times a year. The most common cause is over-exertion of the muscles, especially early in the run. There may be a nutritional issue also. Here are some tips to prevent further damage to your foot:

  1. Before running, walk slowly for 5 minutes to warm up the feet. 
  2. Don’t stretch. Stretching often causes a “stretch reflex” that triggers cramping.
  3. Run 1-2 minutes per mile slower during the first 2 miles of your run.
  4. For the first 10 minutes of running, run a minute and walk a minute. During the second 10 minutes, either stay at 1-1 or go to 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking.
  5. Visit a specialty running shoe store to make sure that your shoe is right for your foot. For example, the shoe’s arch may be pressing too hard against your arch.
  6. Be sure that you’re drinking 6 to 8 ounces of an electrolyte beverage within 2 hours after you run.
  7. Never sprint at the end of your run; walk for 5 minutes before getting in your car or the shower.
  8. Consider asking your doctor for a blood analysis. You may be low in some of the electrolyte minerals.
  9. Examine your meds: Some can produce cramps as side effects. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if that could be causing your cramps.

Contact us if you have any further questions! Keep running, folks!

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