Imagine you’ve injured your ankle and you go to an urgent care facility or even your primary doctor and the diagnoses and treatment you get is not as complete as you had hoped. 

This is when you contact experts, like Carmel Foot Specialists P.A. A recent case is an example of how without the expertise of our doctors, a patient would’ve suffered long term disability.

One week after an injury to the ankle, our patient came to see us. The patient had been to the urgent care care center where they placed a splint about the ankle and recommended RICE( Rest,Ice,Compression and Elevation). With X-ray evaluation, the diagnosis of a displaced lateral ankle fracture was made.
Left untreated, this bone would have gone on to heal in its new abnormal position. The resulting widened ankle joint would have then lead to early onset of osteo-arthritis and the accompanying disability.
In the long term, significant surgical intervention and possibly fusion of this joint may be the result of this improperly treated injury.
With proper diagnosis, a plan for open reduction with internal fixation was proposed and accomplished. By recreating the normal anatomical alignment of the bones, the early onset of any arthritic changes are avoided.
Carmel Foot Specialists, located in Charlotte NC,  has the experts to diagnose and properly treat all injuries of the foot and ankle. Our doctors are available five days a week with work-in appointments for acute injuries. 
Please contact us  with any questions! 
Have A Happy Feet Day!! 

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