Straight from ESPN, Cam Newton is looking forward to this upcoming season! Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers says he’s on a rapid recovery from surgery to repair ligament damage in his left ankle which occurred during a play in mid-third quarter against the New Orleans Saints.

Newton had surgery back in March and doctors diagnosed a four month recovery time for the quarterback before he could get back on the field to practice with the new incoming Panther players. Before the quarterback can fully get onto the field, Newton has made a very clear understanding that he wants to take ownership of the team with the new players.

“With our first meeting out there yesterday, to see everybody split up, I felt like that lost kid that was in detention and can’t go to recess,” Newton said Tuesday, the second day of Carolina’s offseason workout program.

“I was looking at those guys helplessly walking back to the training room. It’s all for a good cause. I need to get 100 percent for myself, but my production as far as how I can get better does not stop.”


Newton was wearing a walking boot that he said was entirely for precautionary purposes. He will split time during the first part of OTAs between Charlotte and Auburn, where he is taking classes to complete his degree.

Altogether, Newton is ready for taking ownership offensively on the field and by the looks of it, is taking all the proactive requirements to get back healthy and focused.

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