As the new year begins, new ideas emerge of self-improvement as the famous “New Year Resolution” begins. Vampire Facelifts, a nonsurgical procedure, is the new trending facelift that has caught attention much throughout Hollywood and drifted East into many wellness clinics like one in Kings Mountain, NC. Maria Hamrick is a licensed esthetician, medical assistant, and laser tech at Carolina Wellness, one of the two facilities in the state that offer the Vampire Facelift.

Vampire Facelifts are a nonsurgical procedure that infuse the variety of PRP therapy to improve skin town and color, lift saggy skin and fill lines and wrinkles. So how does PRP help with the facelift?

  1. Patient’s own blood is drawn, about 2 teaspoons worth
  2. Tube of blood is then spun through a centrifuge
  3. Resulting platelets are re-injected in combination with a hyaluronic acid like Restylne or Juvederm. 
  4. Injections are inserted at strategic points of face that include deep wrinkles and saggy skin that either dull or grayish. 

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is specially used to repair tissue onto site of injury with a combination of essential growth factors. At Carmel Foot Specialists, we use PRP Therapy with any treatment of tendon injuries, chronic wounds, ligamentous injuries, cartilage injuries, muscle injuries, and bone augmentation. PRP’s mainly serves with tissue recovery increasing blood flow and cartilage becoming more firm and resilient, reducing the risk of injury on site again.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli are just a couple names that were compelled to try the $1,500 procedure.

To learn more of about PRP, contact us at Carmel Foot Specialists.