Last Sunday, Minnesota Vikings running-back Adrian Peterson suffered an awful crash injury midway through the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens. Tallied for 13 yards with seven carries, CBS Sports confirmed the MRI results on Monday called for just a sprain and no damages to ligaments causing Lisfranc injury.

The initial X-rays showed no broken foot in foot, but Peterson will not play WK. 15 against Philadelphia Eagles, NFC East Division leaders. 
“Initially you don’t know exactly what’s going on when you’re feeling it,” Peterson said. “That initial contact definitely didn’t feel good. I was kind of worried. But kind of cleared up a little bit after getting the MRI. I’ll see how things play out after the CT scan.”
With the Vikings next three games scheduled against current divisions leaders, there could be a possibility of Minnesota being eliminated from playoff contention with Peterson’s foot injury. 
Adrian Peterson career stats for 2013 are impressive and pivotal for the Minnesota Vikings, however, his road to recovery is more potent for his career in the NFL. Being that many American Football players are easily susceptible to Lisfranc injury, Peterson is thankful for MRI results and hopes CT scan will help confirm diagnosis on any broken bones in foot. 
What is a Lisfranc Injury & the classifications of severity? 

  • Most commonly known as a mid-foot injury usually one or more metatarsal bones are displaced from tarsus. 
  • Direct Lisfranc Injury: usually caused by crash injury
  • Indirect Lisfranc Injury: sudden rotational force on a plantar flexed (downward pointing) forefoot


  1. Homolateral- all 5 metatarsals displaced in same direction
  2. Isolated- 1 or 2 metatarsals displaced from others
  3. Divergent- metatarsals displaced sagittal (vertical) or coronal (frontal) 

Treatments if dislocation less than 2mm, fractured managed by cast for 6 weeks. If severe, ORIF (open reduction with internal fixation) or terrip screw/Kirschner wire (K-wire) fixation are used leaving patient to 6 to 12 weeks of recovery time.

For more questions or concerns about any foot injuries, contact us at Carmel Foot Specialists!


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