So many things have changed since One hundred years ago, including athletic foot wear.  The first rubber heel was invented in 1899 and in 1917 Keds became the first mass marketed canvas topped “sneakers”. Adi and Rudolph Dassler formed the company Adidas in 1931 with a “Tennis shoe”.

Since then, technology has allowed for some very advanced footwear. There are some very important things to consider when choosing your next athletic shoe. 
The first step in getting an athletic shoe is figuring out what you are going to use it for. Choosing the right shoe for the activity can help your performance and prevent injury. Will you be using them to train for that marathon you’ve always wanted to run, or  will you wear them to cross-country practice? Even though these are both running shoes, the traction and the insoles are different and made specifically for a certain purpose. Tennis shoes are designed to give the player the best traction and allow necessary quick turning.
Now that you know what type of shoe you need, the next step is try many different pairs on. Your feet swell during the day so it is always best to try on shoes at the end of the day. Be sure to bring the types of socks you will be wearing for the activity.  Be sure to walk around in the shoes, and make sure to try on both shoes since no two feet are exactly the same. Walking around in the shoe can help you measure level of comfort and fit. Try on a different size if your toes is touching the front of the shoe, and if the heel slips around.
Some running shoe stores have a way to analyze your gait and foot and ankle bio-mechanics. For example, you could  get your gait analyzed and find out that you over-pronate. This means that when running, you slightly turn you toes out from your body. You would be  given a shoe that has a Rollbar to give you a better gait. Getting this done can significantly change the way you run and eliminate  many injuries. 
Be sure to only use your shoes for the activity intended. Doing so will maintain the upkeep of the shoe and help it last longer. 
Have a Happy Feet Day!! 

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